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VALCO partners with Daiichi company

VALCO partners with Daiichi company

VALCO’s Management, led by Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus-Glover have initiated a significant step forward by signing a shareholder agreement with Daiichi Company.

This partnership marks the establishment of a new manufacturing company called VALCO-DAIICHI ESC LIMITED COMPANY, which will specialize in producing LED light fixtures and bulbs.

This exciting initiative brings forth numerous benefits for Valco and the nation as a whole.

Firstly, by adding value to Valco’s primary Aluminum, the company can maximize its resources and generate additional revenue streams.

This not only strengthens VALCO’s position on the market, but, also contributes to the overall economic growth of the country.

Secondly, the establishment of a LED light fixtures and bulbs manufacturing company aligns with VALCO’s commitment to improving energy efficiency nationally.

LED technology is known for its energy-saving capabilities, and by producing these products locally, Valco will contribute to reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainable practices.

Furthermore, this partnership enhances Valco’s green credentials. As the world becomes increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of industrial activities, Valco’s collaboration with Daiichi company demonstrates its dedication to sustainability.

By manufacturing LED light fixtures and bulbs, Valco will play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener future.

Additionally, the establishment of VALCO-DAIICHI ESC LIMITED COMPANY will lead to the creation of employment opportunities for citizens. As the manufacturing company grows and expands, it will require a skilled workforce to support its operations.

This will not only provide job opportunities but also contribute to the economic development of the country.

Overall, the establishment of VALCO-DAIICHI ESC LIMITED COMPANY brings significant benefits to Valco and the nation. It not only adds value to Valco’s primary Aluminum but also improves energy efficiency nationally and enhances Valco’s green credentials.

This partnership is a testament to Valco’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and contributing to the development of the country.

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