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More business opportunities as VistaJet dedicates flights to West African Sub Region


By Rebecca Ekpe

”We found an opportunity for business here; clearly, there is a market in West Africa,” Philippe Scalabrini, President of Europe and Africa at VistaJet said in an interview in Accra. 

He said the new jet is providing clients with the possibility as well as the luxury of connecting flights more efficiently and from multiple locations across Africa.

Vista Jet embarked on a roadshow in a static display in West Africa, engaging with media and stakeholders in the region’s most vibrant cities, including Abidjan, Accra, Lagos, and Abuja.

In Accra, Journalists had an exclusive discovery of the Challenger 605 with VistaJet at the McDan Aviation Lounge at Kotoka International Airport. The Journalists who had a first-hand tour of the aircraft described the experience as ”phenomenal”.

This new business aviation market is showcasing Ghana as the premier business destination in West Africa and is highlighting Accra’s positioning as a major aviation hub within the sub-region.

According to Aviation Benefits Beyond Borders, ”the aviation industry supports $3.5 trillion (4.1%) of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP). If the industry were a country, it would rank 17th in size by GDP, equating to the GDP of Indonesia and the Netherlands”. 

In Nigeria, aviation annually contributes over $600 million to the national GDP, creating more than 241,000 jobs. 

Further statistics indicate that the aviation market is expected to grow significantly in the coming decades. 

By 2038, global air transport is forecast to support 143 million jobs and contribute $6.3 trillion to the global economy. 

Similarly, $2.5 trillion total investable wealth is currently held on the African continent, and its millionaire population is set to rise by 65% over the next ten years, according to data available.

Philippe Scalabrini, President of Europe and Africa at VistaJet stated: “VistaJet provides great value to clients in West Africa and is the perfect flying solution for West African corporates and businesses as a hassle-free and timesaving tool to connect world decision-makers domestically and across continents, boosting economies and driving global investments. Now, with three dedicated aircraft in the region, VistaJet aims to accelerate its trajectory as a key partner for the region’s economic development.”

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