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Stakeholders engagement in climate change adaptation research in Africa

Stakeholders Engagement in Climate Change Adaptation Research in Africa

By Valentia Tetteh

The International Centre for Evaluation and Development (ICED) has hosted a stakeholders engagement forum to address pressing issues surrounding climate change adaptation research in Africa.

The forum aimed to bring together diverse stakeholders from the agriculture sector, media, students, and climate change advocates to deliberate on actionable strategies and make recommendations for future developments in this critical area.

With Africa being one of the most vulnerable continents to the impacts of climate change, the need for robust research and effective strategies to adapt to changing environmental conditions has never been more urgent.

Recognizing this, the stakeholders gathered at the ICED’s forum highlighted the importance of collaboration and multi-sectoral partnerships in addressing the complex challenges posed by climate change.

Representatives from the agriculture sector emphasized the impact of climate change on agricultural practices and food security in Africa. They emphasized the need for innovative solutions and research-driven approaches to mitigate the effects of climate change on agriculture and ensure sustainable food production for the continent’s growing population.

During the deliberations, stakeholders identified key areas for further research and action, including enhancing climate change adaptation technologies, promoting climate-smart agriculture practices, improving disaster risk management strategies, and enhancing community resilience to climate-related shocks.

Climate change advocates at the forum emphasized the importance of political will and policy frameworks in driving effective climate change adaptation efforts. They called for stronger commitments from governments, policymakers, and international organizations to prioritize sustainable development and climate resilience in Africa.

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