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Declining BECE performance in Ho Municipality spurs urgent stakeholder action


By Jones Anlimah

Academic performance in the Ho Municipality of the Volta region in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) from 2019 to 2023 has been declining.

The municipality recorded a pass rate of 69% in 2019, 68% in 2020, 61% in 2021, 59% in 2022, and 54% in 2023. Additionally only 6 students out of 2,938 in the municipality obtained aggregate 6 in the 2019 BECE.  The figure increased to 8 out of 2,967 who were presented to write in the 2020 BECE. Only 1 student out of 3,271 obtained aggregate 6 in 2021, with no single student out of 3,070 obtaining aggregate 6 in the 2022 examinations. 3 students out of 3,549 obtained aggregate 6 in the 2023 BECE. 

This downward trend, according to the Ho Municipal Directorate of Education, is a source of worry that calls for urgent attention from all stakeholders in the municipality to reverse the trend. 

Figures from the directorate indicate that from 2019 to 2023, the municipality witnessed a steady decline in pass rates. It also came to light that the municipality’s performance in some subjects, especially mathematics, has not been encouraging. 

This was the focus of attention at the maiden stakeholder’s consultative engagement on educational and learning outcomes held at Ho in the Volta region. 

Organised by the Ho Municipal Directorate of Education, the forum brought together various stakeholders, including teachers, parents, local government officials, and community leaders, to deliberate on strategies to reverse the worrying trend. 

The Ho Municipal Director of Education, Dr. Esther Adzo Yeboah-Adzimah, said there is the need for concerted efforts from all stakeholders involved to address the underlying issues contributing to the decline.

“We can enhance student performance, increase access to quality education, and prepare our children for their success in the 21st century. Let us commit to this shared goal and work towards creating a brighter future for our learners and our community,” she said.

The Ho Municipal Chief Executive, Mr Divine Bosson, said the trend does not reflect the potential of students or the dedication of educators in the municipality and called for commitment to taking actionable steps. 

The Regional Director of Education, Mr. Francis Agbemadi, highlighted the critical need for collaborative efforts to improve academic outcomes not only in the municipality but the entire region in general. According to him, there is the need to diagnose the root causes of persistent education decline and implement targeted interventions to reverse the situation.

“There is the need for all hands to be on deck. We need to come out with new ideas that will help us address this challenge. Let us share our experiences, let us share expertise, let us share best practices so that we will make Ho municipality a centre of excellence in education delivery,” he stated.

The Volta Regional Minister, Dr Archibald Letsa, said the trend is deeply troubling and requires immediate action. According to him, the region’s future depends on the quality of education given to future leaders, and called on stakeholders to partner government to collectively invest in education in the region. 

“To reverse this trend, stakeholders must work together to improve teacher capacity and pedagogy, invest in modern educational resources and infrastructure, encourage student-centred learning and extracurricular activities, and foster strong partnerships between schools, parents, and the community,” Dr letsa remarked.

Participants at the consultative engagement discussed potential interventions, such as improving teacher training and support, enhancing school infrastructure, increasing parental involvement, and implementing more effective educational policies. 

The Ho Municipal Directorate of Education is expected to compile the suggestions and strategies from the engagement into a comprehensive action plan aimed at improving educational outcomes in the municipality.

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