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Flight to Education Empowers Children in Nungua Community with Books


By Abigail Asiamah

Flight to Education Foundation from the UK has reached out to help the Nungua Community Library. Leading this effort is eleven-year-old Miss Faveur Ojo-Benys, a student in Grade 8, who believes strongly in the power of books.

The Nungua Community Library is an important place for local students and people who want to learn. Thanks to the Flight to Education Foundation, there are now more books to explore, and they cover different topics and suit all ages and interests.

However, this thoughtful gift will make a big difference in the Community. Students, teachers, and anyone who loves to read will benefit. Miss Ojo-Benys shows us that no matter our age, we can make a positive impact.
“Books can take you on adventures and teach you so much. I want everyone to experience that joy.” She wants all students to read more every day,” she happily shared.

She further stated that this act reminds us of the special role books play in our lives. They help us learn and dream big. This kind gesture shows how important education is, no matter where we come from.
“Reading isn’t just for school. It’s for fun, for dreams, for everything. The more we read, the more we know, and the more places we can go, right from where we are.”

Some Students who were present also expressed their gratitude for the new books, the kids were really happy with the new books. They were excited and couldn’t wait to start reading. Eric Mensah, a thirteen-year-old boy, said, “I never thought a library could have so many cool books. Miss Faveur is really nice. She said we can explore the worlds in these books just by reading them. I’m starting with the one about animals.”

Suzzy Gyamfi, a fifteen-year-old girl, also added that she expressed her gratitude, “I love reading, but sometimes it’s hard to find new books. Now, with all these fresh ones, I feel like a whole world has opened up for me. Miss Faveur is like a superhero for bringing these books here.”

Flight to Education Foundation’s help brings hope to Nungua Community Library. As pages turn, they bring with them the promise of knowledge, inspiration, and the belief that education paves the way to a better future.

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