Environmental threat looms at Adjumanikor D/A Basic School

At a time the government is pumping huge sums of money towards the greening Ghana agenda, and countries around the world are pushing the fight to reverse the effects of climate change, a school at Ada West is threatening to clear its compound of trees. Their reason is the lack of furniture for pupils to sit on for lessons, hence the plan to chop the trees and turn them into mono desks. Their reason may be genuine, but its impact on the environment is dire. GBCNEWS’ Clara Mlano brings you the story on a need versus an environmental threat.

It’s break time, and the pupils step out to stretch their legs while enjoying some fresh air and shade from these trees tells. The joy of enjoying the outdoors is evident from their activities.

But that serene environment enjoyed by these pupils may be short lived if help is not extended soonest to the Adjumanikoper D/A Basic School at Ada West in the Greater Accra Region. All these trees – Mahogany, Acacia, Coconut and other species here are to be cleared from the school compound. The lack of desks has forced authorities of the school to take that tough decision.

But environmentalists are worried. Not just because of the impending issue but also activities of the towns folk, encroaching into the school’s mini forest reserve and cutting down trees for TV poles, charcoal and other purposes.

Built in 1989 from resources of the inhabitants of the then Dangbe District and with assistance from the 31st December Women’s Movement, there has not been any renovation since then. This is the primary three classroom, with 55 pupils. At a time of the clarion call for full compliance with the COVID-19 protocols, social distancing is practically nonexistent here, not a fault of theirs, but due to the inadequate classroom furniture.

Other classrooms are also bursting at their seams. The problem runs through all the streams and the current state of the library is a testimony – tables with no chairs. Hence, the library is a white elephant.

Plans are afoot, break up the classes into A and B streams, with these new structures put up. But that had to be put on hold with the new classroom block under lock and key. For a former Headmaster of the school, Mr. Moses Narh Torgbenu, it’s a shame that the initiative of the pioneers to preserve the environment had to die for lack of basic tools like chairs.

GBC’s Clara Mlano sought answers from the District Chief Executive of Ada West, Mr. Akrofi Lawer Adzoteye.

It’s barely one month that the UN launched the decade action of Ecosystem Restoration with the call to save the earth from further degradation. But situations such as this will crop up daily if policymakers do not put adequate measures in place and channel more resources to tackling the basic needs of its citizenry.

By: Clara Mlano.


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