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Quality Education: Akropong School for the blind calls for inclusion and equity

The Akropong School for the Blind has pleaded not to be left out in the provision of quality education as it begins activities to mark its 75th anniversary.
According to the school, the Braille paper which is the sole means of delivering knowledge to the students is seriously in short supply as the government consignment for students is not forthcoming.
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Due to this, the students are unable to make notes and read. In some cases three students, are forced to share the braille paper meant for one student.
Another challenge is the lack of accommodation for teachers responsible for these special students’ needs.
The Head of Primary Department at the Akropong School for the Blind, Simon Adedeme, in an interview with GBC’s Radio Ghana, made a call for more attention for the needs of ¬†Special Schools.
According to Mr. Adedeme, after 75 years of its existence, the school has had a lot of impact by providing an avenue for people who would otherwise be on the streets begging to earn a living.
He called on all stakeholders to support the activities of the Akropong School for the Blind.

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  1. We really want to help these blind children. We will visit. You children ‘re so Amazing. So bright, full of gifts. We care. Don’t give up. Thank you so much teachers of children who cannot see. For taking care of them. We know how tough it is. Don’t give up. God will see us fulfil what we desire to do.

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