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 Teacher assaulted by parent at school in Tamale

 Teacher assaulted by parent at school in Tamale
By: Murtala Issah

Teachers at Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Primary School at Sakaka, a suburb of Tamale, are living in fear following an alleged assault on a female teacher of the school.

The teacher was allegedly attacked by a parent, for caning a pupil in class.

The incident led to the closure of the school, as the aggrieved teachers demanded the arrest of the suspect.

Correspondent Murtala Issah, who visited the school today, says though the school has reopened, teachers and the School Management Committee, want to see justice.

There are about one thousand pupils at the Our Lady of Fatima RC Primary school in Nyanshegu.

 Teacher assaulted by parent at school in Tamale


On Monday, only ninety one pupils turned up for school.

Authorities closed down the school for nearly a week following the attack and reopened only on Wednesday morning.

 Teacher assaulted by parent at school in Tamale

The Secretary to the School Management Committee, Mohammed Nayi, told GBC News  that, attacks from parents is a regular occurrence in the school.

“The incident that happened is the last incident is the fourth attack on teachers in this school. Enough is enough, we will not sit aloof, we will not sit down unconcerned and allow our teachers to be assaulted “, he stressed.

The suspect was arrested and granted bail on Tuesday, but the Assemblyman for the area, Mohammed Awal is demanding justice.

Some of the teachers told GBC News off camera, that, they will seek transfer out of the school.

 Teacher assaulted by parent at school in Tamale
Some Chiefs of the community, are however given the assurance that they will personally intervene to ensure the security of the teachers.

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