All Private Universities must get Charter before 2024 -GTEC

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The Deputy Director of Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC), Dr. Ahmed Jinapor has announced that all private Universities which are unchartered are to be chartered by 2024.

This, he said, will enable them to execute more aggressive employable programmes with the aim of producing graduates who have the qualities of critical thinking, skills of innovation, and entrepreneurship abilities.

Dr. Jinapor made this known on the sidelines of the second session of the 18th congregation of the Koforidua Technical University in the Eastern Region.

Dr. Ahmed Jinapor hinted that institutions seeking re-accreditation of their programmes must demonstrate evidence of employment of graduates of such programmes informed by tracer studies before the programmes will be accredited.

He added that currently, GTEC is working to roll out a single platform for admission applications to all Universities in Ghana.

Dr. Jinapor said, “the Central Application Processing Service (CAPS) will be the avenue where only accredited institutions and programmes can be uploaded and will also serve as a platform of visibility for all institutions, including Technical Universities, in showcasing their programmes to all potential students.

In an interview with GBC, he spoke about the rationale behind ranking of Universities by GTEC.

One thousand six hundred and ninety-two students who have satisfied the conditions for the award of Diploma, Higher National Diploma (HND), and Degree were awarded to graduates in all the faculties of the Koforidua Technical University.

The Best Graduating Student was from the Faculty of Built and Natural Environment, Ms. Faustina Larko Teye, in an interview with GBC spoke about how she was able to combine work and studies to become the overall best student among her colleagues.

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