Upper East: Some Schools in Bongo District without furniture

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By Samuel Ayammah

Some Basic Schools in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region, lack classroom furniture thus compelling pupils to sit on the bare floor when classes are in session. The affected schools are the Balungu and Balungu-Nabisi Basic Schools. A visit by Correspondent Samuel Ayammah to the schools revealed that the situation is seriously affecting teaching and learning.

During the visit, GBC News discovered that almost all the school children at Balungu were without tables and chairs, forcing them to hold their books when classes were in session. At the Balungu-Nabisi JHS where GBC News spotted a few pieces of furniture in the classrooms, at least three to four pupils were seen sharing a desk, while the rest sat on the bare floor. Some of the pupils our correspondent spoke to, said apart from inadequate furniture and dilapidated classroom blocks, they don’t also have textbooks coupled with the lack of electricity in the area. These, they noted, do not augur well for general tuition including the teaching and learning of ICT.

The Assembly Member for Balungu, Edward Asekere, expressed worry over the lack of furniture and teaching materials at the basic schools in the area.

Decent classrooms, furniture, relevant books and competent teachers among others are part of the requirement of quality basic education. Sadly, this is not the case when it comes to basic schools in the Bongo District.


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