WoraWora SHS builds solar-powered water fountain


By Kingsley Mamore

Students of WoraWora Senior High School in the Biakoye District have developed a solar powered water fountain on campus in the Oti Region.

It was developed by the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Innovation (STEMNNOVATION) Club, who formulated the concept based on centrifugal force application and the Department of Visual Arts, who took up the design of the cement works.

Centrifugal force could be described as an apparent force that is felt by an object moving in a curved path that acts outwardly away from the centre or rotation.

Master Moses Kugbe, School Prefect told the GNA that STEMNNOVATION had made advancements that enhance people’s quality of life across the world.

He said the introduction of STEM into the curriculum of SHS is a step in the right direction, and hoped the initiative would become engine room for research, innovation and invention towards solving our daily lives challenges.

Briefing the Ghana News Agency on the mechanics of the fountain, Master Kugbe said sun radiant energy is harnessed into the silicon cells of the solar panels, which is converted into electrical energy and stored in a battery and becomes the source of power.

He said a 3D centrifugal water pump is created and embedded within it a turbine or impellers connected with a 12-volt motor, which powers the turbine in circular motion, drawing water from the outlet when the in-let was dipped into water.

He said the centrifugal force then pushes the water to the top of the fountain through PVC pipes and cascading to the lower layers to complete the process of water falling through the receptacles and recycling the process in continuous motion.

He said STEM fields were perfect for students wanting “to think outside the box” because they called for creativity, invention and problem-solving abilities.

“We are inviting the Minister of Education, Dr Yaw Adu Twum to visit Worawora SHS to familiarise himself with their inventions.

“We are also asking that the Ministry provide funding to enable the STEM INNOVATION team to construct a Fountain in front of the Ministry and if allowed to replicate one at the Jubilee House,” Master Kugbe appeals.

Master Kyle Asamoah, the Visual Arts Student said the team mobilised boulders as base foundation, which it used as the base of the fountain and used stones of various dimensions and pedals to mould receptacles, flowerpots and vase to have a that design and added aesthetic beauty by painting to please the eye.

He said the team could mould any design to suit any occasion.

Some students, who shared their experiences with GNA said STEM professions would frequently provide high wages, job security and chances for development.

STEM education can help students land well-paying jobs and maintain their financial stability in the future.

They urged the government, Ministry of education and other benevolent organizations to invest in STEMNNOVATION to change the fortunes of this country.

Mr David Aboagye, the facilitator, said his task is to assist students to interpret theories in their textbooks to real life and practical situations.

He disclosed that with only 18 months of the job, Worawora SHS has developed a fifth innovation and is planning to scale up the process throughout the region.

He said the STEMNNOVATION mission with focus on the students’ engineering projects has changed the academic work of WoraWora SHS.

He said STEM helped to get the project to the end, seeing how it applied to real life and understand who it’s going to benefit.

The facilitator left his job as a network engineer to support the STEM programme  by guiding students on the path of critical thinking processes.

Mr Aboagye said many SREMNNOVATION Clubs had been formed in SHS and some Junior High Schools in the region.

Other projects undertaken by the STEMNNOVATION team include Smart drip irrigation system, Soil moisture detection system and Solar light and charging system, that is practically providing light to the teachers’ quarters at Agyamansu, Odormitor CHPS Compound and part of Abotoase.

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