Many women have made incredible progress in different careers, but some fields are still male dominated. Here in Ghana one of such male dominated occupation is barbering.

Twenty-eight year old Emefa Sovor is a professional barber who works on a work and pay basis at Topman Costaro barbering shop at Haatso, Legon.

Some women in salons are able to trim or cut the hair of their female  customers but these women are hairdressers not barbers and so although they may be good at perm cuts, they can never work as full time barbers.

When she dropped out of school at primary five due to personal reasons, she insisted that her parents enroll her as an apprentice in a barbering salon, she said she was comfortable learning a trade among men as there were many men in her family house.

She has over 10yrs of experience in trimming, shaving and fading men’s hair, her unique skill is admired by anyone who sees her working.

She said she wasn’t influenced by anyone as she had not seen a female barber ever in her life, growing up she admired the profession and aspired to be one.

She has been able to cater for herself all these years from the money she makes from barbering. Many women are dependent on men because they have no source of income.

On her aspirations, Emefa said she hopes to save enough money from her current workplace and establish her own shop where she can train young people, especially ladies who are willing to learn how to cut hair.

She advised young people not to be distracted but rather be determined towards achieving  their dream.

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