The End Time Revival Centre Assemblies of God Church has held a Business exposition at the church’s premises, Adenta, as part of their Care Cell week celebration.

This year’s Care Cell week celebration was on the theme, “Care Cell; Moving from Fellowship to Missions” and was organised on Saturday, August 10, 2019.

Care Cell week is observed every year to enable the church to assess what has been happening in the church and give a holistic development to its members. It also enables individuals within the church to connect and get to know each other better.

The weekly programme saw activities such as the Sectional Bible Quiz, Divisional Problem-Solving, Sectional Music Competition, Sectional Evangelism drive, Business Exposition and award presentation on Sunday to climax the celebration.

Speaking to gbcghanaonline, the Head Pastor of the Church, Rev Dr Francis Nyarko noted that in addition to the spiritual and social support given to church members, there is the need for the church to identify and support individuals who are into their own businesses and lack financial support.

Rev Nyarko added that the purpose of the Business Exposition as part of this year’s Care Cell Week celebration is to help individuals start up their own businesses and to encourage entrepreneurs to enhance their businesses.

African Print, beads, home accessories, foot wear, local foods and drinks etc, were show-cased

The head pastor encouraged all entrepreneurs to open up and seek counsel and support if they face any challenge in order to build up their business.

He also urged Ghanaians to be independent and start up small businesses by utilizing the available natural resources in the country to produce products instead of relying on imported products adding that,

“I think the time has come for us as Ghanaians to take our destiny into our hands and forget about the idea that somebody is going to come from the West or the East, or elsewhere to build our nation for us. We have it all here. Let us put our hands on deck and get something doing for ourselves. Every great thing starts in a very small way and with time we will be able to grow the business.”

The event was also graced by the Member of Parliament for Adenta, Hon. Yaw Buaben Asamoah, who in an address urged Ghanaians to purchase locally manufactured goods to help boost the country’s economy

Speaking to some of the exhibitors, they expressed their excitement in the opportunity given to them by the church to showcase their products.

An exhibitor expressing her excitement about the event

“It is my first time doing my own business and I am very happy and encouraged. If you complete school, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything, you can also do something on your own rather than waiting at home to be employed”, Felicia Obeng, an exhibitor said.

In the course of the event, the online team came across 12-year-old Sefakor, who happened to be the youngest entrepreneur at the Business Exposition.

Sefakor is into beads making. She uses beads to make bags, Tissue and stationery boxes, key holders, bangles and many more.

In an interview with gbcghanaonline, Sefakor revealed that beads making started for her at school when she saw some of her school mates doing beads.

According to her, she started by learning how to make key holders from her mates at school and was later encouraged by her senior brother to learn to make other things with the beads.

Sefakor Agbenyo, the youngest exhibitor at the event

She added that on Saturdays after she completes all her chores at home she would shun watching television to rather learn the beads making on YouTube. She said, she buys 5 cedis phone credit for her senior brother who in return uploads the videos for her.

“My parents encourage me in making beads and at the same time focus on my education”, she noted.

Over 70 exhibitors were present with some coming from Kumasi.

Prior to the exhibition day, the church organized a summit for the exhibitors where they were educated by experts from MASLOC and NBSSI.

Story by Mavis Arthur and Franklin Agbenyo

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