Ken Ashigbey, Chief Executive of the Telecommunications Chamber.

The CEO of the Chamber of Talcos, Ken Ashigbey has raised concerns at the indiscriminate destruction of fibre optic cables buried underground by the activities of stakeholders in the building and construction industry.

He said fibre optics are essential tools that enhance the use of internet and their destruction poses dire effects on communications in the country.

He told GBC’s Nathaniel Nartey in an interview that Ghana is gradually becoming notorious for the menace, which is worrying.

“In Ghana, fibre cuts are very rampart, i think notoriously we are taking the title of the country with the highest level of fibre cuts, unprecedented in most markets. It’s coming from the people who are building roads, drains, they will cut it because when it comes to electricity there is the danger that you will get shocked if you cut an electricity cable but when it comes to fibre cables they cut it because it carries no shocks so people destroy it. They will dig and see the warning sign but they go ahead. So we are urging and entreating all Ghanaians that the fibre that is cut could affect the quality of service so we all need to protect it.”

Touching on mobile money, Mr Ashigbey advised users to change their pin codes at least once every month to ensure their accounts are secured.

He said telecommunications are not mandated to operate 4G.

Story by Nathaniel Nartey.

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