Workers on board FPSO Kwame Nkrumah are still in a state of fear and shock after a man identified as a South African National allegedly attempted suicide on Ghana’s first FPSO on Tuesday, June 18, at about 4:30pm, a source has revealed. 

It is unclear what might have triggered the suicide attempt but the source on board the FPSO said the South African jumped from the vessel into the waters. 

The unpleasant situation was quickly brought to the attention of the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) and other top managers who quickly called in the divers to save the said man.

The divers with the assistance of some tugboats around managed to resuscitated the the said foreign national.

He has since been medevacked  to West African Rescue Association (WARA ) health facility in Accra for proper medical attention.

The source who wants to remain  anonymous wants the regulator of the upstream sector, the Petroleum Commission and other relevant agencies to investigate the incident thoroughly and also the poor working  condition of some  workers onboard the vessel.

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