Michael Nsowah

The Chairman of the Ghana Education Service, GES, Council, Michael Nsowah has urged parents to find ways of collecting PTA dues and levies without using the school authorities. He said the collections are the sole responsibility of parents.

Therefore, no student should be sent home or embarrassed for non-payment of dues and levies. Mr. Nsowah warned that any school Head caught involved in the collection of PTA dues and levies will be sanctioned.

In 2017, when the free SHS policy was introduced, government removed all cost that are barriers to secondary education. However, some heads of schools circulated letters to parents stating that their children will not be allowed to attend classes if they do not pay PTA dues. This prompted the Ghana Education Service, GES, to suspend the collection of PTA dues and levies in all public Senior High Schools and Technical and Vocational institutions.

In an interview with GBC’s Radio Ghana, the Chairman of the GES Council, Michael Nsowah said the suspension of the levies was directed at the school authorities not the Parent Teachers Association.  He said the Council is aware of the numerous contributions by the PTAs to the education sector and urges them to collect the levies and dues on their own.

Mr. Nsowah said there is no way school authorities will be allowed to be involved in the collection of the dues and levies. Parents are the ones who contribute and they should decide on how to collect the monies and what to do with them. The GES Council Chairman said if school authorities are allowed to collect the dues and levies it will defeat the purpose of the free SHS policy.

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