GNAT threatens strike over insurance premium deductions


The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), has described as a violation of teachers right, the decision by the GES and SIC to coerce and unduly influence teachers against their will to join the GES/SIC insurance scheme.

According to the Chairperson of GNAT, Philipa Larsen, this singular decision of GES affirms their concern, that it does not recognise and appreciate the importance of social dialogue, trust, respect and good faith that should exist between teacher unions and the GES.

In an interview with GBC’s central regional correspondent after opening the 57th Ghana National Association of Teachers and Canadian Teachers Federation in-service programme in Cape Coast, Ms Larsen warned that failure by the GES/SIC to stop the deductions by the end of this month, and refund all monies wrongfully deducted from members by the end of August will lead to industrial unrest.

On the week long in-Service training programme ongoing for more than 300 GNAT members from the Greater Accra Region, Ms. Larsen explained that the workshop is a partnership project between GNAT and their counterparts from the Canadian Teachers Federation.

It is to sharpen the skills of teachers to cope with the rapidly changing world as teachers.

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