Accessibility contributing to abuse of antibiotics- Public Health Practitioner warns


By: Rebecca Sedinam Affor

An interaction with Madam Anita Esther Asamoah a Public Health Practitioner during the GTV Breakfast Show on Monday, November 21, 2022 with Host Kafui Dey on the discussion on Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness has exposed how antibiotics are often abused.

“Antimicrobial comprises of antibiotics, antifungals and antimalarial and they do different things but when put together, they are known as antimicrobials”. “Antimicrobials are used to fight infections such as: Tuberculosis, malaria, and viral infections”, the Health Practitioner noted.

She stated that the abuse of antibiotics is very alarming because of the easy access people have to them, from the Pharmacies and from people hawking on the street. She also mentioned that awareness has been the first step to reducing the abusive use of antibiotics.

By way of sensitization about the hazards, the Health Practitioner disclosed that Members of British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy have a one-week-long programme yearly to raise awareness and to educate Doctors and everyone on how best to prescribe and use antibiotics.

”Antibiotics should be prescribed only when lab results are ready”, she reiterated.

Avoid self-medication and visit the nearest Health Center for medical help. Madam Asamoah advised religious leaders to encourage their congregants to seek medical help first before attaching spirituality to health issues.

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