Conference of Major Superiors of Religions in Ghana asks public to be wary of safety precautions post – Covid


By Cynthia Boateng

The Conference of Major Superiors of Religious in Ghana, made up of men and women leaders of the Catholic Congregation launched a project aimed at reducing the impact of the Coronavirus on individuals and families, especially in the rural areas. The project which was sponsored by the Hilton Foundation used various initiatives to eliminate fears expressed by the public on safety, side effects, and usefulness of vaccines based on misinformation, lack of trust in government, and sheer ignorance.

President of the Conference, Sr. Mercy Boateng noted in an address that the pandemic ignited the spirit of creativity in religious men and women who had to look for ways to help prevent the spread and more destruction of the virus.

The statement noted that during the heat of the pandemic, the Conference, as part of its pastoral responsibilities ensured that vaccines reached everyone, especially those on the margins of society who did not have access to information and had contributed greatly to the successes chalked up.

The Conference expressed gratitude to Private and governmental organizations and key stakeholders whose engagement helped in addressing issues impeding vaccine acceptance across the country.

The Conference also admonished Christians to be mindful of the safety precautions this Easter since the pandemic is not completely over.

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