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COVID-19: Delta strain induces higher viral loads and spreads faster – Noguchi


The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research of the University of Ghana is asking government to review the country’s adherence to COVID-19 preventive protocols and appropriate restrictions, following new observations about the new delta variant.

The institute in a statement confirmed that the delta variant spreads faster and has increased circulation in communities compared to the earlier Wuhan variant.

It says people who have tested positive of the delta variant of the COVID-19 have very high viral loads and it takes a longer period to clear the virus from their system.

Again 7.34 percent of positive cases are asymptomatic persons who visited the walk-in-centre to test for travel, work related purposes between June 1 to July 22.

It says with about 80 per cent of the Ghanaian population unvaccinated, Ghana may be exposed to a more serious outbreak and calls for swift measures to arrest the situation.

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