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GNAT unveils Cancer Foundation to aid Teachers

GNAT unveils Cancer Foundation to aid Teachers

By: Gloria Anderson

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), the largest teachers’ union in the country, has introduced the GNAT Cancer Foundation (GCF). This new initiative is designed to offer top-tier cancer treatment to teachers and their families, while also fostering cancer awareness and ensuring proper management of funds raised for cancer care.

“With the GNAT Cancer Foundation, we now have a dedicated body to manage our cancer fund effectively,” stated Mr. Kwame Dagbandow, Deputy General Secretary of GNAT, at a press briefing held at the Sweden Ghana Medical Centre (SGMC) in Accra. “The foundation will supervise the ongoing partnership between the GNAT Teachers’ Fund and SGMC, support cancer prevention education, treatment, and management for GNAT members and their families.”

Mr. Dagbandow emphasized the importance of GNAT’s role in the well-being of over 260,000 educators. “GNAT recognizes the crucial role teachers play in Ghana’s education system and their health is paramount,” he declared. “Improving teacher productivity requires addressing their health concerns seriously.”

The GNAT Cancer Foundation was established following GNAT’s acquisition of the SGMC. “These initiatives aim to alleviate the suffering of our members,” explained Mr. Dagbandow. “High costs of cancer treatment often force many teachers to seek care outside Ghana. Now, they can access world-class treatment here.”

He also underscored the necessity of collective efforts in combating cancer. “We understand the government cannot fight this battle alone. GNAT and its members are committed to assisting the nation in this fight.”

Board Chair Thomas Armstrong Asante elaborated on the foundation’s vision of “sustainable and stress-free cancer management for GNAT members and their families.” He added that the GCF is committed to leading a sustainable fight against cancer in Ghana, emphasizing the financial burden of cancer treatment and the rising costs.

Mr. Asante identified cancer as the most significant health challenge facing teachers and called on the public to donate at least GHS5 to the foundation once its fundraising efforts begin. To ensure sustainability, the foundation will focus on three primary areas: enhancing cancer prevention awareness and education, providing world-class treatment and management of cancer cases, and ensuring responsible resource management.

The GNAT Cancer Foundation will also conduct fundraising campaigns to seek support from corporations, religious organizations, and individual philanthropists dedicated to fighting cancer in Ghana.

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