‘Infants can contract gonorrhoea’

Dr. Emmanuel Asante.

By: Rebecca Ampah

A family Physician Specialist at Madina Polyclinic, Dr. Emmanuel Asante, has disclosed how gonorrhoea can be transmitted from the mother to babies in the womb, saying it is done during delivery through the infected areas. 

According to Dr. Asante, aside from gonorrhoea being transferred through sexual intercourse, it can also be transferred to unborn babies during labour. He stated that, during child deliveries, infants are prone to contacting gonorrhoea through the infected areas of their mothers.

In an interview with Kafui Dey on GTV’s Breakfast Show, he mentioned that the newly born baby infected with gonorrhoea will have discharge from the eyes and, if left untreated, potentially result in blindness.

He further stressed the significance of regular antenatal care for pregnant women, as gonorrhoea may not always present symptoms.

He urged expecting mothers to take their antenatal care seriously to protect the health of their innocent babies.

“That is why we advise effective anti-natal care, he said.

He further advised the public not to wait for symptoms to show after engaging in unprotected sex but rather to be prompt in seeking medical attention for safer health and wealth.

“Don’t wait till the symptoms show up. Once you realise that you’ve been in any unhealthy sexual activity, come and let’s test,” he added.

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