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Ghana Medical Association receives incubators and phototherapy machines

Ghana Medical Association receives Incubators and Phototherapy Machines

By Ewurabena Paha

In a significant effort to reduce neonatal deaths in Ghana, Twellium Industrial Company Ltd. has donated eight incubators and eight phototherapy machines to the Ghana Medical Association in Accra.

The donation aims to address the critical shortage of incubators and phototherapy devices in birthing centers, which are essential for saving the lives of pre-term babies.

Dr. Andrew Mensah, Chairman of the Greater Accra branch of the Ghana Medical Association, expressed gratitude for the donation, stating that the initial four incubators and phototherapy devices had already made a significant impact in hospitals that received them. He said the additional donation of eight devices will go a long way to serve most of the medical facilities across the nation.

Kendrick Yehowadah, Head of Events and Special Projects at Twellium Industrial Company Ltd. revealed that the total cost of the donated machines is 200,000 Ghana cedis. As part of the company’s “Changing Lives” campaign, Twellium also covered the medical expenses of 7,000 dollars for Rhoda Akorfa Senyegbe, who required surgical excision of a large left atrial myxoma at the National Cardiothoracic Centre.

The company under its “Changing Lives” campaign, has consistently supported various individuals across the country to undergo surgeries for different ailments, reaffirming its commitment to improving healthcare in the country.

Mr Yehowada said the donation is a testament to Twellium’s dedication to enhancing the healthcare infrastructure in Ghana and ensuring better health outcomes for newborns across the nation.

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