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Breakfast show addresses Male Fertility, Semen Quality with expert insights

Breakfast show addresses Male Fertility, Semen Quality with expert insights
Dr. Prince Osei

By Prince Dankwa

Today, the breakfast show explored the important but frequently disregarded subject of male fertility and semen quality in a timely episode hosted by Scott Evans. The episode included a thorough conversation with Medi Moses Clinic and Prostate Centre physician, Dr. Prince Osei.

Semen, according to Dr. Prince Osei, is a complex mixture of prostatic fluid from the prostate gland and sperm cells made in the testes. This fluid’s slightly basic pH aids in balancing the female reproductive tract’s acidic environment, promoting sperm motility and improving the likelihood of successful fertilization.

Dr. Osei emphasized the significance of semen analysis by stating that healthy semen usually has a creamy appearance, a pH that leans towards the basic side, and approximately 15 million sperm per milliliter, of which more than 50% should show proper structure and mobility.

He addressed lifestyle variables, pointing out that using drugs, especially marijuana, drinking, and smoking had a negative impact on the health of sperm. On the other hand, he suggested a diet high in fruits and vegetables, which can assist in increasing sperm production. Examples of these are tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, and oats.

The Medi Moses Clinic and Prostate Centre, which is accessible from Madina to Adenta Station and is situated next to the Danfa barrier, provides thorough assessments and customized treatments for male reproductive health issues.

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