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Mangel Klicks Ghana Signs Five-Year Agreement with Turkiye’s Strategic Healthcare Entity, Turquaz Group

Mangel Klicks Ghana Signs Five-Year Agreement with Turkiye's Strategic Healthcare Entity, Turquaz Group

By George Antwi

A five-year collaboration and partnership agreement to improve healthcare in the African sub-region has been signed by Dr. Charles Kwamena Ackon, Managing Director & CEO of Mangel Klicks Limited, and Madam Süreyya Ümran Alinak, Founding Partner and CEO of Turquaz Group Türkiye. Turquaz Group acts together with the Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO); serves as ATO’s strategic partner in a wide range of commercial activities across African countries, with a special focus on healthcare.

The agreement will see the two entities working together to improve healthcare services, capacity building and education by leveraging combined expertise and resources through healthcare training and internships, medical IT solutions, and the provision of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment, among other things, to enhance health care in Africa and beyond.

The partnership intends to support national and international efforts to qualitatively and quantitatively develop the health sector and its personnel, infrastructure and scope, and to promote socio-economic progress in their particular regions as well as beyond, in addition to improving operational efficiencies and bridging existing infrastructure and knowledge gaps.

The two organisations anticipate that the agreement will assist the Ghana Ministry of Health in enhancing the health status of all individuals residing in Ghana, thereby advancing the Government’s vision for universal health coverage and a healthy population.

The Framework Agreement summarizes the joint objectives of Turquaz Group, Mangel Klicks Company Ltd., and Helgard Logistics Services to initiate projects and services aimed at further developing a robust healthcare system and infrastructure.

These goals may include, but are not restricted to, pharmaceutical distribution, medical equipment supply, medical IT solutions implementation, healthcare training and internships, complete turnkey project solutions, and others.

By strengthening the healthcare systems and their related fields in Ghana and West Africa, and advancing global health and wellness, this collaborative effort reflects a strategic alignment of objectives aimed at improving lives, patients, people and equipping healthcare providers with cutting-edge skills, research and technologies.

With this collaboration, the two outstanding organizations will be able to support governments, public and private sector organisations, and leadership to further expand a shared vision and objective of “Enriching Lives Together.”

The internationally renowned, and multiple award-winning company, Mangel Klicks Limited, which is being sustainably built on the implementation of its vision, mission, core values, and strategic directions, as it pursues its business concept of “Enriching Lives Together,” marks yet another achievement.

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