Chief Executive Officer of the Mental Health Authority, Dr Akwasi Osei.
As the world celebrates Mental Health Day today on the theme, “Working Together To Prevent Suicide, A Call For National Action,” the Chief Executive of Mental Health Authority, Dr. Akwesi Osei has called for a mental health levy to support the work of the Mental Health Authority.
The levy, Dr. Osei noted could be tax on goods and services purchased.
Speaking in an interview with GBC’s Radio Ghana, he stressed on the need to decriminalise attempted suicide and discriminating against people with mental health.

Dr. Osei said the use of Indian hemp and other harmful illicit or illegal drugs should not be legalized as some people are calling for, as this is dangerous to health.

In a related development, the Executive Director of Basic Needs Ghana, Peter Yaro said this year’s celebration of World Mental Health Day is to impress on governments across the world to improve health facilities and to educate and encourage preventive measures on mental health.

In an interview with Radio Ghana, Mr. Yaro noted that depression and other undesirable issues could push people to commit suicide.
It is in this light that there is a need to promote good mental health.
Mr. Yaro called on employers to promote good mental health practices at the workplace, for improved productivity.

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