Migraine can damage the brain- Specialist

Dr. Alfred Seedah.
Dr. Alfred Seedah.

By Konadu Benedicta

Specialist Family Physician, at the Korle -Bu Teaching hospital, Dr. Alfred Seedah, has reiterated that migraine can cause certain parts of the brain to lack some blood which can damage the brain.

According to him, migraine is a diffuse general pattern that affects the whole which causes nausea and affects the brain.

” Not all one-sided headache is migraine but the common word to define migraine is ‘POUND’. The ‘P’ stands for pump pain in the head. ‘O’ for one day. Whiles ‘U’ stands for Unilateral that is, one-sided, ‘N’ for nausea and lastly the ‘D’ stands for Disabling features”, he explained.

The Specialist however gave some factors that trigger migraine. These are specific food like wine, cheese and chocolate.

” Not having enough rest or sleeplessness can cause migraine “, he noted.

He further stated that migraine cannot be treated by taking painkillers.

” You need to visit your Physician when you have migraine “, he added.


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