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Need for intensive education on HIV self-testing Initiative- Akosua Hanson

Need for intensive education on HIV self-testing Initiative- Akosua Hanson
Akosua Hanson

By Rebecca Sedinam Affor

An Activist, writer and creator of novel series Moon Girl, Madam Akosua Hanson says there is a need for intensive education on the initiative of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) self-testing.

Madam Akosua Hanson’s comments come on the back of the Daily Graphic News, regarding the increase of Thirty- three thousand HIV cases recorded in the third quarter of 2022. And the introduction on HIV self-testing to encourage more people to get tested.

The initiative is in the right direction because it will encourage more people to get tested, knowing it can be privatized to reduce stigmatization.

“The refusal and fear of people to get tested for the virus is as a result of stigmatization they face when people are informed on their status,”  she added.

She stated that getting tested at a health facility is an advantage, because one is educated and directed on what to do when they test positive. They are also given emotional support unlike self-testing, when one gets no support and education on what to do.

Miss Hanson appealed to the youth to get tested.

”The cases are spreading and we need more people to be able to test, especially the youth who are sexually active and want to explore and experiment”, she posited.

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