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Journal of Public Health in Africa Partners with Ghana’s National Vaccine Institute to Boost African Scientific Research

Journal of Public Health in Africa Partners with Ghana's National Vaccine Institute to Boost African Scientific Research
Prof Ndembi

By Gifty Adjei

The initiative aims to elevate the prominence of African researchers and scientists in the global scientific community. This partnership between the Journal of Public Health in Africa (JPHIA) and Ghana’s National Vaccine Institute (NVI) seeks to address the barriers that African scientists face in publishing their work and contributing to solving the continent’s health challenges.

Despite being heavily affected by diseases; Africa currently contributes only two percent to global health research. To bridge this gap, the collaboration between the NVI and JPHIA, with the support of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), is set to provide a robust platform for African scientists to showcase their research. This initiative is expected to significantly enhance the visibility and impact of African contributions to global health research.

In an interview with GBC News, Professor Nicase Ndembi, the Editor-in-Chief of JPHIA, emphasized the urgent need for more research projects to be conducted within Africa. “African scientists need more platforms to publish their findings and influence global health policies. This partnership is a step in the right direction to ensure our voices are heard and our research is recognized globally,” he stated.

Dr. Loice Cushny

Dr. Locie Cushny, a leading public health expert, highlighted the importance of providing African scientists with the necessary resources and platforms to publish their work.

“By empowering our scientists, we can directly address and solve health challenges specific to our continent, thereby improving overall global health,” Dr. Cushny remarked.

Participants at the event expressed excitement about the opportunity to publish their work.

Prof Ampofo

Prof. William Ampofo, CEO of the National Vaccine Institute, believes that NVI’s mandate of regulating and facilitating research, development, and manufacture of vaccines and sera in Ghana will be significantly enhanced through such collaborations. “This partnership will facilitate Ghana’s drive to become a vaccine hub in Africa,” Prof. Ampofo commented.

The collaboration between JPHIA and NVI marks a significant milestone in the quest to boost African scientific research and its impact on global health.

With the backing of Africa CDC, this initiative promises to pave the way for ground-breaking research and innovations from the continent, ultimately contributing to better health outcomes worldwide.

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