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Seawater for Apollo is not advisable

Dr. Ama Fosua Amponsem Advocates Rigorous Hygiene Practices in Schools to Combat Conjunctivitis
Dr. Ama Fosua Amponsem

By: Rebecca Ampah

A renowned optometrist, Dr. Ama Fosua Amponsem, has cautioned the general public against the use of seawater for eye-related issues due to the potential risks of contamination and health complications.

According to her, the practice of using seawater for eye ailments harks back to a bygone era, where alternatives were limited. However, the quality of seawater has significantly deteriorated since those days, making it a hazardous choice for eye care in the present.

“So that time, probably it worked remember that time the contamination was less but now it’s bad, there is a lot of rubbish in there,” she said.

Dr. Amponsem mentioned in an interview with Thelma on GTV’s breakfast show on 23rd September 2023 that, using contaminated seawater for eye treatment is risky as it may lead to other health issues which may be challenging to treat.

“You can get fungal infection and fungal infection is difficult to treat so, I wouldn’t advice that at all” she stated.

She therefore advised that individuals infected with Apollo visit the hospital for medication. She also suggested that cold water can be used to reduce the pain but not to cure it.

“ You can get chilled water is a clean towel or handkerchief and just dap it on the eye to ease the pain,” she added.

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