It has been five years after that black Wednesday in Ghana, as rainfall turned into a devastating fire and flood catastrophe at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle. About 154 people died and over 199 others suffered severe burns, resulting in permanent physical disabilities which have permanently undermined their suitability for the job market.

As the nation marks the fifth anniversary of the June 3, 2015 Flood and Fire Disaster at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra, we bring you sad memories of that devastating incident and how some victims have been coping since then.

What started the night before as a downpour in the Nation’s capital, Accra took a different dimension at one of the hot spots of the city, the Kwame Nkrumah Circle where the rains aggravated the plight of commuters and the stranded, worsened by an explosion at a nearby fuel station. There were screams of pain and sorrow as the Security and Rescue Services moved the charred bodies of victims of the flood and fire disaster from the site of the explosion. Those who survived the incident but suffered burns and other injuries share their stories.

Five houses including the Goil Filling Station suffered various degrees of damage as a result of the fire. The property is valued at over ¢1.6 million.

Every year after that horrific incident has seen events held to remember the day with governments making pledges to support victims. So far about 108 victims of the disaster are said to have been paid ¢10,000.00. However, some of the victims want more support as the disaster has left them with scars for life.

As the heavy rains sets in again this year, it is hoped that authorities have put in the necessary precautionary measures to prevent any such disaster in the country.

Listen to attached audio for detailed information.

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