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King Charles to formally take over as new British Monarch 

Charles is the new King
King Charles III.

The UK is ready to hold its first coronation in 70 years. Prince Charles will be crowned king in a grand ceremony which will take place in accordance with Christian tradition. The ceremony takes place on Saturday, May 6, 2023, and it is essentially a religious confirmation of Charles’s ascension to the throne after the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, in September last year.

The ceremony will be held in London’s Westminster Abbey. During the ceremony, Charles’ Second wife, Camilla, will also be crowned Queen. The processions, the oaths, the robes, and the crowns are a nod to the British heritage and the long history of the monarchy.

The coronation has been ‘slimmed down’ compared to previous ceremonies and marks a departure from tradition as women Bishops, Minority faith leaders, and a more diverse and representative guest list of British society than the Lords and Ladies will grace the occasion. The royal family wants the coronation to reflect the changing times and become a more inclusive and modern monarchy.

The ceremony will also have an environmental theme reflecting Charles’s lifelong championing of sustainability and biodiversity. This includes the use of vegan anointing oil and recycled ceremonial garb, sending a powerful message to the world about the importance of protecting the planet.

Charles has also pledged to focus on issues such as the environment, social justice, and education. However, there are some critics who are questioning the entire event as the UK reels under a cost-of-living crisis and inflation. Several UK citizens are not ready to foot the bill for a lavish ceremony and feel such events do not have a place in modern society.

There are also several Commonwealth Nations, including Australia, where the coronation ceremony has led to debates about Republicanism and the need to distance themselves from the Crown and declare themselves as republics.

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