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Nigerians will give their last breath to push their Music for excellence- Kojo Golden

Kojo Golden
Kojo Golden.

By Savannah Pokuaah Duah

Ghanaian Musician Kojo Golden has expressed admiration for Nigerians’ dedication to their music and their willingness to go to greater lengths to succeed in the industry.

During an interview on GTV’s Breakfast Showbiz on September 12, 2023, Kojo Golden remarked, “I believe we all have talent, and we are equally talented. However, Nigerians demonstrate a higher level of seriousness when it comes to their music.”

Furthermore, Kojo Golden acknowledged that Ghanaians are falling behind in terms of promotional efforts and progress in the music industry. 

He explained that Ghanaians tend to be more hesitant to fully engage and are more relaxed in their approach, which is a contributing factor. 

Kojo Golden also emphasised that there is the lack of financial investment in the Music Industry, which is a major hindrance to Ghanaian artists progression.

Golden added that Ghanaians do not invest enough money in the music industry, which ultimately limits their returns.

“Business, after all, is greatly influenced by financial investments,” Golden said.

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