Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu

The Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu says his work is being hampered greatly by heads of some government institutions in the country.

He said if such hindrances are not checked, the fight against corruption may not be won by the government and the purpose for which the Office was set up will be defeated as little or no impact would be made.

Mr Amidu, made this known in a publication which outlined a litany of challenges the office is facing in its quest to fight corruption in the country.

According to him, some heads of institutions are simply refusing to comply with laid down regulations of good governance and protection of the national purse.

Mr Amidu stated that some Heads of Institutions disregard statutory requests made by the Office for information and production of documents to assist in investigations inspite of the fact that the President has on a number of occasions admonished them on such misconduct.

The Special Prosecutor said he has the right to sue such institutions through the Attorney General if they refuse to release documents to help in investigations. He also complained about interferences from some of these agencies, whose names he did not mention in the write-up.

Mr Amidu however urged the public and civil society organisations to support his work.

The Office of the Special Prosecutor has been castigated by Ghanaians for being ineffective in its fight against corruption.

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