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Ghanaian Society’s Changing Perceptions on Anklets and Their Cultural Importance

Ghanaian Society's Changing Perceptions on Anklets and Their Cultural Importance

By Dankwa Prince

Anklets have been very important to Ghanaian ladies for many years. Anklets, when well-made, represented femininity, beauty, and cultural history. However, as younger generations adopt global ways, views are changing.

Mothers would traditionally give their daughters intricately beaded anklets, the patterns and materials signifying social status. Matilda, a native of Cape Coast, remembers how much fun it was to make anklets as a youngster with her family.

Anklet wear is rare among women between the ages of 18 and 35, according to a poll. Anklets seem archaic in comparison to the Western accessories worn by Instagram celebrities, says student Melissa Agyeman. “For youth, global fashion is more attractive,” she claims.

Not all welcome this shift though. Faustina believes anklets express Ghanaian values and dismissing them risks losing culture. “Traditions shouldn’t vanish as styles change,” he asserts.

From Bernard a fashion designer “ Most young men categorize people that wear anklets as sex workers”. He added, “Culture evolves while honoring roots. I hope anklets find relevance for future generations”.

I think Anklets’s future lies in striking a balance between novelty and nostalgia. Anklets may continue to play a part in the lives of Ghanaian women by appealing to everyone. On the other hand, some worry that traditions may vanish if they are not carefully adjusted to changing identities as globalisation grows.

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