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In Pictures: Democracy Hub Demonstrators Arrested

Police on manhunt for lone robber operating in parts of Accra
File photo

By Lucy Mawufemor Kpeglo

A number of young demonstrators, expressing their discontent with the country’s economy, have been arrested and taken to the Regional Police Headquarters. 

The organisers said they had notified the police of their intention to protest at the Jubilee House but were not granted permission.


The police cited Section 1(1) of the 1994 Public Order Act (Act 491), which requires anyone planning a public assembly to inform the police at least five days in advance in writing. The notification should include details like the date, location, timing, nature of the assembly, and its proposed route or destination, if applicable. Section 1(4) of the Act allows the police to request the postponement or relocation of a special event if they believe it may lead to violence or jeopardise public safety or rights. 

According to a press release from the Ghana Police Service, the organisers were aware of a pending application before the high court scheduled for determination on Tuesday, September 26, 2023. Despite this, they proceeded with their demonstration, originally planned to go from the 37 Military Hospital to the Jubilee House.  

The Police arrested demonstrators who had started marching towards the 37 Military Hospital. Some of them were wearing t-shirts with inscriptions like “Akufrauddo & Bawuliar.”

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