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Consider 2024 Role – Fahd Osman to Alan Kyerematen

Consider 2024 Role - Fahd Osman to Alan Kyerematen

By: Rebecca Ampah

National Communication team member of the New Patriotic Party, Fahd Osman has reacted to alleged news of Former Trades and Industry minister, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen’s decision to join forces with other political party come 2024, asking him to consider the role he can play in salvaging votes for the NPP.

He emphasised during a discussion on GTV’s breakfast show that, it is their desire for Alan to actively involved in the upcoming 2024 campaign while acknowledging that the decision rests with Alan.

“We can’t force him to do that but we are pleading with him not to think of at this point, hurting the party,” he said.

Mr. Osman explained that, the victory of the NPP demands a collective effort of all party members devoid of your faction. He noted that, grounds on which Alan withdrew from the contest may be legal which was made clear to the public and the leadership of the party, nevertheless it is also pivotal for him at this crucial point not to contest against the NPP in 2024 but rather join forces with the flagbearer to retain power in 2024

“The truth of the fact is, whatever decision he will take, if it goes against our party, it is going to hurt the chances of our party in 2024,” he stated.

He further stated that as a family, the best thing is not for a member to depart rather, it is necessary that they discuss all issues raised during the presidential primaries.

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