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Presiding Member advocates equal end-of-service benefits for Assembly members


Mr Alfred Adjei, the Presiding Member (PM) of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), has called for uniform end-of-service benefits for assembly members in all Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies (MMDAs) nationwide.

Mr Adjei’s call came in the wake of concerns raised by assembly members over disparities in the end-of-service they receive after their tenure of office.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency after his re-election as Presiding Member for the AMA for the fourth consecutive term, Mr Adjei said the existing system of remunerating assembly members was not appropriate.

The PM stated that currently assembly members receive remuneration from the internal generated fund (IGF) of their respective assemblies, a practice he deemed unfair due to the significant discrepancies in the financial capacities of different MMDAs.

Mr Adjei who is also the Assembly Member for Avenor Electoral Area emphasised that while some MMDAs boast substantial IGFs, others struggle with limited resources, leading to unequal compensation for the members upon the completion of their terms.

He underscored the need to restructure the service payment system to be directly from the consolidated fund to ensure equitable treatment for all assembly members, particularly those from disadvantaged assemblies.

“At the end of the day, the MP’s function is the same regardless of their geographical location as lawmakers.

“The same applies to assembly members. If anything at all, our end-of-year benefits should come from consolidated funds and not from the IGF. So that is one of the core functions we are going to advocate because it is very relevant to us,” he said.

Mr Adjei stated: “The current system of disbursing end-of-service benefits based on internally generated funds creates unjust disparities among assembly members across the country.

“We must establish a fair and standardised payment structure that addresses the financial discrepancies among MMDAs and guarantees equal compensation for all assembly members,” he added.

Mr Adjei who was re-elected as the General Secretary of the Association of Presiding Members, raised concern over the absence of PMs in 11 MMDAs within Greater Accra and announced plans to conduct a working visit to these MMDAs to expedite the election process.

Highlighting the critical role of PMs as the spokespersons for their assemblies, he emphasised the significance of their presence to the welfare of all assembly members in Accra, stressing the need for swift action to address the issue and ensure effective representation and governance within these assemblies.

“Without Presiding Members, the Assembly faces obstacles in fulfilling its obligations, including the completion of the District Performance Assessment Tool (DPAT) assessment,” and pledged to ensure that the 11 MMDAs elect PMs to facilitate their governance.

He said: “Having served as the Secretary of the Association and re-elected as the PM of the AMA for the fourth consecutive term underscores my continued leadership and advocacy for the advancement of local governance in Greater Accra.”

Source: GNA

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