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Bawumia: Double Track System just like 1st and 2nd services in Churches


Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia says government is rolling out effective measures to deal with increase in enrollment of students in secondary schools across the country.

But Dr. Bawumia stressed that it is far better to develop the human capital of the youth than to sacrifice it on the alter of lack of money and space.

Commissioning an ultra-modern Fertilizer Blending Factory at Asuboi on Thursday, Dr Bawumia threw a challenge to former President John Mahama to come out with a better alternative education policy for the double track system under the Free Senior High School (FSHS) Policy.

He said former President Mahama has no clue what he would do on the FSHS policy when voted into government again, hence his consistent claims that he would review the policy after stakeholders’ consultations.

Dr Bawumia explained that former President Mahama was among the naysayers, who criticised the Free SHS policy and was surprised that the former President now claimed he was committed to the policy.

He said government introduced the double track system to maximise the existing educational facilities

“Double Track System is an innovative system. We had a choice, either we continue letting our children stay at home or we can maximise the use of existing facilities whilst we bring in new ones. We chose to maximise the use of existing facilities.”

He said: “If you are a church, and you have more and more people wanting to come to your church but you don’t have enough seats in the church, do you drive them away?” adding that, “You don’t drive them away. You do 1st service, you do 2nd service, and you do 3rd service if you need to do it.”

“But the people come to 1st service, 2nd service, 3rd service, their prayers are accepted by God. And this is the thinking behind the Double Track System. We’ll double track until we complete the construction of all the facilities,” he added.

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