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Economic Fighters League unveils blueprint for Election 2024


The Economic Fighters League, a movement in Ghana, has unveiled its blueprint for the upcoming 2024 elections. 

In a passionate address to the nation, the league called for an end to the long-standing dominance of the NPP-NDC duopoly and urged citizens to reject traditional political parties in favour of fresh alternatives.

Highlighting the failures of successive administrations, the league emphasised the urgent need for change in Ghanaian politics. They pointed to issues such as administrative incompetence, corruption, and human rights abuses as reasons for breaking away from the established political order.

In 2020, the Economic Fighters League waged an unprecedented #NoVote2020 campaign, which according to many political watchers and analysts, led to the hung parliament, something never experienced in the history of the country and which has been key in exposing the deal, cutting NPP-NDC as sides of the same coin.

The Economic Fighters League believes that the time has come for Ghanaians to embrace a new era of governance. They called on all citizens, especially their members known as Fighters, to actively campaign for alternative parties and candidates who can bring about meaningful change.

The league drew inspiration from recent developments in Senegal, where an independent candidate was elected as President, signaling a shift away from traditional political structures. They hope that Ghana can follow suit and pave the way for a more democratic and prosperous future.

The League reiterated their commitment to forging a new path for Ghana, one rooted in integrity, accountability, and genuine progress. They urged citizens to join them in rejecting outdated political regimes and embracing the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

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