ECOWAS gets tough; begins review of protocols on democracy & good governance

By Bright Ntramah.

ECOWAS has come under intense criticism for the recent coup in Guinea. Many have wondered why the Regional Bloc stood aloof for the deposed President, Alpha Conde to change the Constitution to allow him stand for a 3rd-term bid.

But President of the ECOWAS Commission, Jean-Claude Kassi Brou, has said that ECOWAS took steps to intervene before the change of the Constitution.

He said ECOWAS led several stakeholder engagements with Political Parties and Civil Society Groups in Guinea.

Mr. Brou noted that ECOWAS is made up of sovereign countries which have the right to make their own decisions. 

He expressed the concern of ECOWAS on the rising political instability in the region.

Mr. Brou said the protocols on democracy and good governance would be re-visited to address the current situation.

“What ECOWAS can do and what ECOWAS did, they had several consultations with various stakeholders, various political parties before, during and after. We are communities of sovereign members, so our protocols are very clean. Some actions and decisions belong to the member countries, so what ECOWAS, on the basis of our current protocols, can do is to engage all the stakeholders. During the COVID-19 time we went there, the COVID-19 improved a little. We went there several times, we engaged, we discussed, and tried to convene messages. The final decision regarding key issues and decisions belongs to the country, and this is what we need to understand’’, Mr. Kassi Brou outlined.


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