Finance Ministry ordered to retrieve $1m paid to Kroll Associates


The Auditor General, AG, has directed the Ministry of Finance to retrieve $1 million paid to a foreign firm Kroll Associates in 2017 for no work done.

The 2018 Auditor General’s report on Ministries, Departments and Agencies said the Ministry of Finance in 2017 procured the services of Kroll Associates to among other things recover assets from identified wrong doers, investigate allegations of wrong doing, and provide evidence for assets recoveries.

However, the review of the contract with Kroll Associates by the Auditor General revealed that there was no evidence of work done and the Ministry in 2018 paid $ 1 million to the company.

The Audit also revealed inconsistencies in some of the documentations. Though the contract was signed in September 2017, some of the invoices attached to the payment vouchers predated the award of the contract.

The Auditor General has therefore asked the Ministry to abrogate the contract due to nonperformance by Kroll Associates and recover the money paid to the company.

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