Former United Nations Security Advisor, David Tiki Dange

Former United Nations Security Advisor, David Tiki Dange has declared his intention to stand as an Independent Candidate in the December 2020 Parliamentary Elections in the Damongo Constituency.

Speaking on Radio Ghana Program “Ghana Today”, David Tiki Dange said as an aspiring Independent Candidate, he represents all the people of Damongo Constituency not some or few of them.

“As a royal of Damongo, I represent all and everybody in my constituency. I represent the NDC, the NPP, the CPP, and people from all backgrounds,” he emphasized.

According to him, one thing that motivates him to run is the need for not only a competent man of integrity to represent his people but also for somebody who is capable of representing a very polarised society like Damango.

“This is no secret. We need somebody who has what it takes to unite Damongo and provide results-driven leadership, Fortunately, a credible alternative to them is now available” he said.

“Today, Damongo is so deprived as if it has no economic development potentialities, but, when it comes to tourism and agriculture, we are heavily endowed. The problem is purely one of poor leadership,” he concluded.

Asked when he will launch his campaign, highly poised to contest Tiki said, “soon. I mean, this month, March”.

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