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Political Parties in Ghana are becoming impediments to Development, says Presidential Hopeful Dr. Sam Ankrah

Dr. Sam Ankrah.

By Emmanuel Oti Acheampong

Certified Global Economist, Investment Banker and Business Strategist, Dr. Sam Ankrah, has officially launched his bid to contest for the Presidency on December 7, 2023, in what he termed a Second Independence for Ghana.

With more than 20 years of experience in providing fiscal, strategic, and operational leadership to business organisations in Europe, the United Kingdom, and across Africa, Dr. Ankrah seeks to become the next President of Ghana to fill in the gaps he says has been created by successive governments in the country since the beginning of the Fourth Republic over 31 years ago.

According to him, political parties in Ghana are increasingly becoming obstacles to nation-building. He said loyalty and dedication are to the party and not to the country.

Party members now believe they have the right to plunder and grab state assets and resources as their share of the “spoils of war” when their party wins power. Political party membership in Ghana has replaced regular employment in the Private and Public Sectors as the pathway to career progression and financial self-sufficiency.

In an official statement, Dr. Ankrah called on all well-meaning Ghanaians to get registered and join his Alternative Force for Action Movement to redeem the country from the mismanagement it has been plagued with for over three decades. He emphasised the alternatives his movement will offer Ghanaians ahead of the dominant NPP and NDC.

He projected ten policies that his Alternative Force for Action will prioritise when Ghanaians support and vote him into office as President. Affordable Housing, Healthcare, Education, Fuel, Affordable Business environment through a vigorous fight against corruption, Affordable sound and economic policies, Affordable and sustainable job creation, and Affordable and efficient government machinery are the ten projects Dr. Sam Ankrah presents to Ghanaians to share in his vision of giving Ghana its second independence.

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