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Ghanaians are not patriotic- SRC President, UMaT speaks on Ghana’s economy

By: Seli Baisie
President of the Student Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT), Mr. Issac Aryeetey says Ghanaians are not patriotic.
According to him, Ghanaians should be patriotic enough to consume products made in Ghana.
Mr. Aryeetey made this point on GTV’s Breakfast Show when SRC Presidents from various tertiary institutions were invited to join the discourse on the State of Ghana’s Economy.
SRC President of UMaT said Ghana’s economy is in three phases: production, consumption, and trade.
“The economy is in three phases now. We are considering production, we are considering consumption, and we are considering trade. Now, these are the three phases we are looking at.
“The first phase which is the production. You will realize that there is one key role that is cutting across all these three points I’ve stated, which is going to be patriotism. We Ghanaians, most of us are not patriotic in this country where we find ourselves,” he intimated.
The UMaT SRC President added that the more Ghanaians consume made-in-Ghana products, the higher the demand for local consumption.
He also touched on President Akufo-Addo’s address on the State of the economy saying what caught his attention was the president admitting that ‘Ghana is in crisis’ however there were no strategic policies stated in the address that will benefit the youth.
“Ghanaians voted for him with an expectation of problem-solving. so we are actually expecting problems to be solved, not problems to be perceived in years… so I’m looking at the fact that monetary budget should be stripped off and we should look at strategic policies that will benefit the youth,” Issac noted.
The panel discussion, which saw SRC presidents from nine universities in Ghana, seeks to proffer solutions to the ailing economy.

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