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Hopeson Adorye, others to face Disciplinary Committee of NPP for misconduct

Hopeson Adorye.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP), says Mr. Hopeson Adorye, and three others are to face the Disciplinary Committee of the Party following violations of laid-down procedures and misconduct as a fallout from the Special Delegates Conference held on Saturday, August 26, 2023, across the country.
A release dated August 27, 2023, and signed by Justin Kodua Frimpong, General Secretary of the NPP, named the three others as Mr. Raphael Patrick Sarfo, Mr. Charles Dokyi Yaw-Addo, and Mr. Musa Sulemana.

”Pursuant to Article 10(7)(5) of the NPP Constitution, certain individuals………..will be referred to the Party’s Disciplinary Committee. This is a direct response to evidence, including video and photographic materials, which suggest potential violations of the provisions outlined in Article 3(5)(A)(1)(2)(3) and (4) of the Party’s Constitution and potential misconduct under Article 4(7)”.

The statement said while the majority of voting centers experienced a smooth process, ”we acknowledge that isolated incidents occurred at certain locations”.

It condemned the isolated acts and stated that the party is committed to ensuring the highest standards of conduct.

”The leadership of the Party unequivocally condemns such incidents and emphasises our unwavering commitment to the integrity and fairness of the election process.”

”The NPP remains committed to upholding democratic values, accountability, and the highest standards of conduct. We are confident that this disciplinary process will be conducted with fairness, transparency, and impartiality.”

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