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Hung Parliaments are the weakest… avenues for negotiations- Inusah Fuseini

Hung Parliaments are the weakest... avenues for negotiations- Inusah Fuseini
Inusah Fuseini, Former MP for Tamale Central

By: Roberta Gayode Modin

Former Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Mr. Inusah Fuseini has stated that the current Parliament has been less efficient because it is a Hung Parliament.

A Hung Parliament is one in which no single political party has an absolute majority of legislators in a Parliament.

“As a student of politics, I’ve studied Hung Parliaments everywhere. Hung Parliaments are the weakest. They are always weak and they are avenues for negotiations”, he said on the GTV Breakfast Show.

He made this statement when GTV’s Kafui Dey questioned the NDC members of Parliament’s efficiency in keeping the government in check.

Meanwhile, a survey published by Afrobarometer in 2022, showed that almost half of Ghanaians are of the view that the country’s “Hung” Parliament has made members of Parliament (MPs) more effective at scrutinizing the government spending.

However, only a few see gains in MP effectiveness at passing laws or building consensus among political parties in the current Parliament, which for the first time is equally divided between the ruling NPP and the opposition NDC.

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