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MP advises Ghanaians to stop running down leaders

MP for the Sissala East Constituency, Mr Ridwan Abass Dauda has advised Ghanaians to stop the habit of running down people in leadership positions to promote peace and development.
He said the country was polarized especially on political lines, and was not auguring well for the country.
He said leaders would always come and go, but Ghana remained one, but not two and stressed the importance of unity, lasting peace and good neighbourliness to ensure development.
Mr Dauda gave the advice during the annual general meeting of the Sissala Union in Tumu to round up its activities of the year.
Mr Dauda said, “There had been leaders in the past in Tumu for instance, right from Mr Amidu sulemana, Mr Moses Dani Baah, Madam Halutie Dubie and Madam Alijata and today it’s me. Because I got the opportunity to serve and tomorrow it could be you”.
“All the former MPs helped some people in the community in one way or the other. Same with all other leaders in the country and it’s important to play the role of development than working for failure”, he stressed.
He called for unity among the chiefs and politicians and appealed for support to the current leadership to achieve their mandate for the betterment of the country.
“Let us rather engage by pointing out the shortcomings of our leaders for them to sit up as that can help us than the outright condemnation of leaders that we often perceive as failures”, he said.
He said as an MP for the area, he was able to help some of the youth to gain employment in various sectors including; the security.
“As a member of the defense and interior committee in Parliament, sometimes, I hear people complaining that persons without certificates were recruited into the security services, which is false”, he said.
On the defunct Ghana Cotton company situated in Tumu, the MP said the company was sold out and that government would liaise with the ownership of the company for partnership to create jobs for the people.
He said the district had one district one factory projects in soyabean, which was expected to be established in the district to employ about 50 people.
He promised​ that ‘very soon the new roads being created in the Tumu township will be provided with street lights,​ whilst the rest of the seven communities without electricity in the Sissala East will benefit from the rural electrification programme.
Mr Dauda was not happy with the low turn-out of people at the Union and tasked the leadership to device ways of making it attractive to ensure all Sissalas patronised the programme.
The Zini Kuoro, Kuoro Sukabe Ninia Diyaka lV, charged the union to ensure a project was embarked upon next year whilst working towards ensuring the Sissali language became examinable subject in schools.

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