One arrested after NDC, NPP clashes in Karaga


Some six persons believed to be sympathizers of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Karaga constituency of the Northern Region who were severely brutalized after a misunderstanding between supporters of the NPP and National Deomcratic Congress (NDC) have been treated and discharged.

The victims who received treatment at the Karaga hospital sustained various degrees of machete wounds.

The Northern Regional Crime Officer, Superintendent Bernard Baba Ananga in an interview with GBC’s Radio Ghana said one person has been arrested in connection with the clashes while investigations continue.

No death has been reported.

The opposition NDC yesterday (November 10), held a rally at Sung which is believed to be an NPP strong hold.

Typical of such rallies, motor riders were on hand to display. The riders allegedly rode into one of the pavilions meant for NPP supporters. This reportedly did not go down well with occupants of the pavilion.

A misunderstanding ensued after one of them questioned the motor riders why they will ride into the pavilion to disturb them.

Immediately, machete-wielding young men got to the scene and started attacking the occupants of the pavilion, injuring 6 in the process. The pavilion was also destroyed.

While the attack at Sung got serious, a reprisal started at Nyong and Karaga where three people were also attacked and butchered.

Meanwhile, the NPP candidate, Dr. Amin Anta has blamed the NDC candidate for starting the attacks on the NPP supporters.

He called on the police and the traditional authorities to take interest in the happenings in Karaga.

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