Parliament: NPP needs Political Strategist- Governance Analyst, Bernard Oduro Takyi

I respect wisdom in what Sam Jonah said, but have personal issues with him- Oduro Takyi
Bernard Oduro Takyi, Governance Analyst

By Nathaniel Nartey

Governance Analyst, Bernard Oduro Takyi has advised the NPP to employ the services of a Political Strategist to advise the Majority group in Parliament on its actions going forward.

He said this has become necessary now that the Party does not have a clear Majority in the House and would require opposition MPs to be on board before Bills are passed without any challenge. Mr.OduroTakyi is of the view that the fracas between the Majority and Minority MPs in Parliament yesterday which resulted in the exchange of blows could have been avoided if the NPP MPs had advice from a Political Strategist. He expressed disappointment in the actions of the Parliamentarians.

”The (NPP) party needs a Political Strategist in my candid view because they lack a strategy to manage this hung Parliament. They need a Strategist to proffer solutions for them because they no longer have the clear majority in the House. Anyone giving advice to the NPP should know this”, according to Governance Analyst, Bernard Oduro Takyi


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